Where is Robert the Bruce's Heart?

Marker placed over the site where Robert the Bruce's heart was buried
While living, Robert the Bruce made a request that his heart be buried in the Holy Land.  He died in 1329 and was buried in Dumfernline.  Per his request, a soldier carried his heart to the Holy Land but was killed on the trip.  The heart was recovered and brought back to Scotland where Robert's son - then King David II asked that it be buried at Melrose.

The burial place of the heart was forgotten over the centuries, but rediscovered in 1996 during an archeological excavation.  The Scots reburied the heart and held a contest for the design of the marker.

The marker has an X symbolizing St. Andrew's cross that appears on the Scottish flag, and a heart through which the X weaves.  The inscription reads, "A noble heart may have nane ease, gif freedom failye." Translation- A noble heart cannot be at peace if freedom is lacking.

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