Thin Places - Energy Lines and Earth Openings

Carrowmore - County Sligo
A few weeks ago a friend of mine from the UK (who also happens to be a medium) offered me amazing insight into the thin places concept.  Annie told me that there are veins or channels of energy that surge through the earth beneath its surface.  There are also little "nodes" or areas where this energy pushes through.

These piercings of energy through the earth's surface offer immense spiritual power to those that are tuned into it.  Ancient people knew this and gravitated to these places where the energy was the strongest.  They  buried their dead, practiced spiritual rituals, built temples, charted the seasons, and left behind architectural wonders that have us smart people still baffled today about how they managed it all.

We can see remnants of sacred gathering places, especially in the UK and Ireland, where old stone ruins still consecrate the landscape with their faithful benediction.  They offer inspiration to the traveler who can only glance in awe while passing by, and silently call out to the seekers hungry for a taste of the eternal world.

Annie added that catastrophic events like war generate intense bad energy.  The human anger, rage and violence brought forth in battle mingles with the earth's energy and contaminates it.  Certain areas can be marked for centuries by the bad "karma" left from such a short concentration of ugliness.

And there's more ...

That same defiled energy can reenter the node and be absorbed in the veins of energy that surge through the earth.  The earth carries that darkness to other nodes.  It spreads.

The converse is also true.  Love, joy, happiness also affects the energy and it, too spreads.

Annie said that she lives near a node, and there was once a terrible battle there.  Many churches have sprung up in the area, and there seems to be a high concentration of people in the region who have healing powers.  It's almost as if the wounded part of the earth is calling spiritual healers to itself.

Because of the wound ... that region of the earth becomes a magnet for healers.

The theory mirrors much of what we hear today about healing, energy and alternative health practices.  The Reiki movement and acupuncture follow this tradition.

Visiting a thin place could be good for both the body and soul, if one is tuned in.


  1. Martha McCartney8:21 PM

    I just finished reading the book, SONGLINES by Bruce Chatwin and it is in regard to a similiar subject but as practiced by aboriginal Australians is fascinating - you would find it intriguing as related to this article

  2. Thanks, Martha. I've ordered the book along with Chatwin's last book "What Am I Doing Here." He sounds like a fantastic travel writer who's apparently tuned into energy levels.

    Another book, particularly on this subject is "Ley Lines and Earth Energies: A Groundbreaking Exploration of the Earth's Natural Energy and How It Affects Our Health." Very long subtitle, I know.

    This book addresses how the energy lines run. Fascinating!

    I always look forward to your input.

  3. Maura Brooks3:30 PM

    Another book worth a read is the "Serpents of Light, Beyond 2012" by Drumvalo Melchizedek, about the new Mother Earth's energies, and his service to Mother Earth. his stories about what is being done to help heal hearts, align energies and right ancient imbalances.

    Its a fantastic read!

  4. I like the concept as I do believe there is another force somewhere out side our world, a view I would not have shared three years ago. Being from Ireland it is all around you bur we are mostly to busy to see or appreciated it.-JT