Kildare and St. Brigid of Ireland

Legend tells us that St Brigid was born near Kildare to a slave mother who was a Christian and very sickly. As a child, Brigid persuaded the Druid master to free her mother which in turn freed Brigid to enter religious life.

Since there were no convents in Ireland, Brigid began one in Kildare. The sisters of St. Brigid prayed simply and deeply and served the poor. We know that Brigid was a contemporary of St. Patrick and a strong legend states that she was ordained a bishop because of her superior knowledge and closeness to God.

Brigid is now one of Ireland's patron saints, and is often linked in patronage to farmers and poor pastoral workers. On the place where she founded her first convent in Kildare stands the Kildare Cathedral - now Church of Ireland. Nearby is St. Brigid's Holy Well.

"A holy well is very special. To watch water springing from the earth is to witness creation in the act of pure, unconditional generosity. At a holy well, my own interior holy well has an opportunity to make itself known to me." - Gay Barbizon, Brigid's Kildare; The Fire, the Well and the Oak.

Pictured here is St. Brigid's Holy Well in Kildare. It is a public space with marked stations. At each station the pilgrim recites particular devotional prayers to St. Brigid.

This is a very Thin Place.